Luhačovice south-Moravian spa town

The beautiful spa town of Luhačovice is situated in south-east Moravia, 250 metres above sea level. It is surrounded by dense forests of the White Carpathian mountains. Luhačovice is the center of an area called “Luhačovské Zálesí” (Luhačovice backwoods). The local climate is warm with relatively few clouds and rich sunshine.

Besides the natural beauties there is the famous spa resort of Luhačovice, the 4th largest spa in the Czech Republic and the largest one in Moravia. People with respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, diabetes, obesity or musculoskeletal system diseases are treated here. You can try both classical healing treatments and a stay in the Luhačovice Spa focused on total relaxation and gaining new energy.

There are 6 healing waters spontaneously springing from the ground and many other springs are artificially bored to help treat different kinds of diseases. The most famous one is undoubtedly Vincentka, famous for its salty taste and minerals. Vincentka is available in almost every pharmacy. The local springs are considered to be one of the most effective in the whole of Europe, thanks to their high mineral content.

History of Luhačovice

Archaeological findings speak about Slavic settlement in the surroundings of Luhačovice in 7th – 8th century. We can find the first written record approximately 7 centuries later – in the year 1412.

The first information about the Luhačovice mineral waters existance came from physicist and physician Jan Ferdinand Hertoda, year 1669. News about the healing power of Luhačovice waters spread into the neighbourhood and in the following years the first guests started to come. The treatment baths began in 1790.

Although Luhačovice is not a large town it has a rich history. We can mention the situation after the Battle of the White Mountain when Luhačovice were confiscated by Maximilian of Liechtenstein. The property wasn’t his for a long time, only until the year 1629 when he sold it to Gabriel Serényi. The Serényi family were very important in Luhačovice history because they were the first to realise the importance of the healing springs and decided to use it for business. They held the town until the year 1945. This noble family had to modify and use the springs Amandka and Vincentka. Increasing interest in the healing springs gradually gave impetus to the further development of Luhačovice and its surrounding. Firstly inns appeared then first hotels and then further infrastructure to be able to deal with the numerous groups of vacationers and spa guests.

At the beginning of 20th century MUDr. František Veselý became the director of the newly created joint-stock company. He wanted to develop a spa in Luhačovice. The work of a well-known architect Dušan Jurkovič gave the city a memorable form that we can see today. The healing waters of Luhačovice were & are still considered to be one of the most effective in the whole Europe. People with respiratory tract diseases, digestive tract diseases, diabetes, obesity, musculoskeletal disorders, circulatory system diseases or cancer disease are treated here.

Local specialties

  • Léčivé vody, a.s. – mineral water Vincentka bottle filling and distribution, toothpaste Vincentka production and sale, sirup Vincentka production …
    Lázeňské náměstí 165, Luhačovice

Other recommendations for you

By clicking on a marker icon you’ll be redirected to, where you will find highlighted route from apartments to the particular recommended loation. You will immediately know where the mineral springs, restaurants or sweet shops are and how long does it take to get there by walk or by car (in case of far destinations). You will find out quickly that our apartments are really located at strategic point on the main shopping street with a lot of restaurants around, just a few minutes by walk from the nearest mineral springs.



  • Pizzeria Retro
    Dr. Veselého 1066, Luhačovice
  • Koliba u Černého psa
    A. Václavíka 336, Luhačovice  
  • Racek restaurant
    Lázeňské náměstí 960, Luhačovice  
  • Elektra restaurant
    Masarykova 950, Luhačovice  
  • French restaurant in Hotel Alexandria
    Lázeňské náměstí 436, Luhačovice  
  • Café restaurant in Hotel Radun
    Bílá čvrť 447, Luhačovice  
  • Pizzeria Rimini
    Nádražní 249, Luhačovice  
  • Restaurace Symfonie Augustiánský dům
    A. Václavíka 241, Luhačovice

  Cafés, confectioneries

  • Bonjour Caffe, close to apartments, we recommend delicious breakfasts
    Nábřeží, Luhačovice  
  • Confectionery & Café Myslivna
    Lázeňské náměstí, Luhačovice  
  • Spa chocolatery
    Dr. Veselého 1066, Luhačovice
  • Theatre Café
    Alej Dr. Blaho 416, Luhačovice  
  • Ice Café confectionery
    Dr. Veselého 1042, Luhačovice  
  • Café – Bedřich Smetana house
    Lázeňské náměstí 308, Luhačovice  
  • Kolonáda – spa confectionery
    Lázeňské náměstí 554, Luhačovice  
  • Café Star
    Masarykova 1072, Luhačovice  
  • Café KARE
    Masarykova 655, Luhačovice  
  • Café U Sedlářů
    Jurkovičova alej 130, Luhačovice  

  Wine bars & live music

  • Wine bar Domino
    Lázeňské náměstí 436, Luhačovice  
  • Bar Vltava – live music daily
    Hotel Vltava, Dr. Veselého 169, Luhačovice  
  • Sports bar
    Penzion “U Hráze”, Pozlovice 36  
  • Restaurace Racek – live music
    Lázeňské náměstí 960, Luhačovice  
  • Hotel Litovel – live music
    Lázeňské náměstí 960, Luhačovice  


  Wellness a relax


  • Tennis courts of Tennis club Luhačovice
    Lázeňské náměstí 95, Luhačovice  
  • Riding club Luhaturf
    recreational horse riding, riding training, horse riding for children and adults, phone no.: 603 336 482, Mr. Roman Dostálek
  • Sport center Radostova – ball games hall, gymnastic hall, bowling with 4 lines, massage, sauna, fitness, 2 football pitches – grass and cinder, regular exercises – aerobic, power yoga
    Hradisko 1029, Luhačovice  
  • Riding stable RED DRAGON
    Ludkovická 98, Luhačovice  
  • Baloon flights
  • Bike rental Bi&Fu
    Nádražní 298, Luhačovice  
  • Craft Spinning Studio
    running and eliptical simulators, steppers, exercise bikes, spinning, sport center Radostova, Hradisko 1029, Luhačovice  
  • Aeroclub Kunovice
    flights for public